Our Mission

As a foundation for learning, we will we seek to build wisdom, knowledge and skills through:

  • Developing outstanding teaching and learning by holding the highest ambitions for all our pupils, and knowing the children well.
  • Ensuring that everyone makes the very best progress that they can, we provide a broad, academic, relevant and enriched curriculum which enables all to discover their unique gifts and talents, and to strive for academic, creative, scientific and sporting excellence.
  • Providing a curriculum which is designed to give pupils a sense of resilience, aspiration, curiosity and empathy as well as an understanding of the wider world and communities.
  • Constantly learning as professionals, evolving and refining our practice, and modelling the learning behaviours we expect from our pupils.


As a foundation for caring, we will seek to build hope, aspiration and courageous advocacy by::

  • Giving a high priority to emotional and physical well being and providing children with strategies to strengthen their self-confidence and physical capabilities.
  • Caring for and developing the whole child to lead a healthy lifestyle, emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Developing the character of each child through giving rich opportunities for spiritual reflection and growth.


As a foundation for caring, we will seek to build a community and live well together by:

  • Teaching children about their rights and responsibilities towards others helping them to develop their understanding of their role within our ever changing local and global communities.
  • Teaching children to take pride in themselves and others, valuing the importance of teamwork, resilience and perseverance in all that they are faced with.


As a foundation for caring, we will seek to build dignity and respect through:

  • Having Christian Values at the heart of school life, building our community on strong loving relationships and mutual respect for one another.
  • Providing a warm, welcoming and safe school in which each member is valued as a unique individual