At St. John's we teach music as a discrete subject but is also a large part of our daily lives - our regular daily and weekly worship will include music and singing in class and assemblies.  We use the scheme charanga to support our teaching of music.

Our dedicated Music Room, named after our Benefactor Miss Ann Harris, holds a wonderful selection of musical instruments and is used by a variety of peripatetic music tutors for weekly lessons  - guitar and woodwind lessons are partiularly popular!

We attend many local and national venues - including concerts at St. John's Church and the O2 in London for Young Voices. 

Please read our Curriculum Overview for more details.

Musical Opportunities at St John’s

Trip to the O2 for Young Voices

Music Mark School


In recognition of our commitment to providing high quality music education for all of our children, St John's has been award the Music Mark.

Music Mark Certificate