Religious Education

As a school we follow the Somerset Awareness, Mystery and Value syllabus.  The schemes which we use to teach this through are ‘Understanding Christianity’ and ‘Discovery RE’.  Please see below our school RE curriculum overview as well as links to the scheme websites for more information.


Understanding Christianity   

 Discovery RE

RE learning around the school

World Religion Day

Each year the chidlren take part in World Religion Day, exploring a faith outside of their planned curriculum.  Here are some photo's of the chidlren exploring the following faiths - Reception Islam, Year 1 Sikhism, Year 2 and 4 Buddhism, Year 3 and 5 Taoism, Year 4 Buddhism and Year 6 Shintoism.

Visits and Visitors

WIRE Award

As a school we have achieved the WIRE Award (Widening Inclusivity in Religious Education)

The WIRE award recognises excellence in RE in schools and their commitment to religious education.

One of the additional resources we use is 'Bake through The Bible'.  The children explore  key Bible stories whilst having lots of fun cooking with their friends. 

Cooking activities include:
- Sparkly promise cookies to remember God’s wonderful promises to Abraham
- Happy crepe faces in response to God’s promise to send His Rescuer and Forever-King
- Spiral tuna wraps for a picnic that links with Jesus’ miracle of feeding thousands
- An empty bread tomb with Easter dips to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection

Here is an example of our yummy hot cross buns made by Year 2.